Foreigners Everywhere

Contemporary Art from the POMERANZ COLLECTION
until October 7th

The neon sign “FOREIGNERS EVERYWHERE” created by the Claire Fontaine art collective serves not only as a motto for the exhibition of the Pomeranz collection at the Jewish Museum Vienna. “We are always traveling,” says the Odessa native and Viennese collector Eduard Pomeranz: “No matter where we are, we can never feel at home. Judaism is the only foundation that remains—in a life as a foreigner everywhere.”

The Pomeranz collection is about history and memory, crossing frontiers in time and space. It is dedicated to today’s cultural avant-garde: art that defines itself unconstrainedly through the breaks in life—even by breaking taboos—in the tradition of Jewish collectors, who have always promoted the latest trends in art. The Pomeranz collection is being shown at the Jewish Museum Vienna for the first time on a large scale and includes works by Marina Abramović, Yael Bartana to Lawrence Weiner, to name but a few.

Text source – Jewish Museum Vienna