Human Dignity Contra Cynism

Human Dignity Contra Cynism (in German “Menschenwürde contra Zynyismus”) is the title of the exhibition displaying this years entries for the St. Leopold Peace Award for human engagement through art. Founded in 2008, the prize carries an award of 12.000€ for art which reflects strong crtitical thinking in relation to globaly relevant humanitarian, geo-political and social problems. This year, more than 640 artists have submitted their works to the Klosterneuburg Monastery Foundation by the application deadline.

Additionally, a 2000€ prize will be awarded in the cathegory of best photography (for the full list of nomenees, please visit the Stift Klosterneuburg website).

Austrian photographer Claudia Henzler has touched us with her photo series Srebrenica which she took during the memorial of the massacre earlier this year, presented here in artist’s video.


Exhibition: Menschenwürde contra Zynismus
Place: Sala Terrena, Stiftsplatz 1, 3400 Stift Klosterneuburg (near Vienna, Austria)
Opening/Vernissage: 20 Sept at 7PM, Sala Terrena
Duration: 21 September – 15 November 2012, daily from 9AM-6PM
Details: http://www.stift- geschichte-kunst/st-leopold- friedenspreis/