is.m (improvised.sound.movement/ mini festival) August 1-7. 2013

581430_365176286943514_608390725is.m is a mini festival focused on sound and movement in the context of improvisation.
is.m consists of performances, workshops, sessions, and discussions

<Grenzzustand – Limit State>
Our World is in fundamental crisis, expressing the present radical upheaval of the global socio-economic and ecological systems. The crisis is the sign for a change, which also could be a chance. Future could be totally different from our present time. At the same time we are at present not able to think any utopia, without dystopic contexts. ( Thomas J. Jelinek / Future Horizon )

In those situations we tend to activate surpessive mechanism and assignments of guilt – but we should start to re-think, overtake self responsibility and improvise….

intensive – workshop for Improvisation with Aiko Kazuko Kurosaki and Pia Palme with final perfomance

for dancers, musicians, performers and vocalists
level – advanced

Saturday, Aug./ 3 / 2013 from 2 pm – 7pm
Sunday, Aug./ 4 / 2013 from 2 pm – 7pm

Sunday, Aug./ 4 / 2013 at 8pm

10€ /day suggested donation (or pay as you can)

Aiko Kazuko Kurosaki
Improvisation activates the intuitive and emotional part of the brain and is one of the fixed components of all the works of Aiko – but as many as different approaches of dance exist – also various forms of dance improvisations exist.
At this workshop we will not only work out of the topic but also strongly interacting with the musicians. After a short warm up with all participants Pia will take over with the musicians while Aiko will introduce her work with `pictures´ and her way of using different conditions of the body. After the break we´ll work all together on the topic and the space.
The first day tis all about listening and watching to learn more about the others and to get inspired. On the second day, we will work more practically towards the perfomance.

Pia Palme
In this workshop I want to focus on sound as a result of physically un/changing bodies or objects: real (?) bodies and musicians move through space, while loudspeakers stand still without (?) changing. Both emit sounds, which together expand into space and eventually perish in space. Starting with Schaeffer’s soundwalks, we research into these questions through improvisation practice; will it bring more precision into our improvisation to reflect transience and body image?
Vocalists, mechanical and electronic instruments welcome.
for more details + updates:
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