Ubik Space Open Call for Submissions

OPEN-CALL-2-Teaser-600x295Open Call for the Spring/Summer Season 2014
Deadline: 28th of Feb.

You’re invited to submit: your project, portfolio, exhibition idea and other kind of activity going from lecture to workshop, through our online contact form!
Because of temporal & spacial limitation, your project could be selected for another date after your confirmation!

Submit your project to Ubik Space.

We make our best to show your ideas & projects! For the submission we recommend you to use the Online Form and select your wished exhibition date, but if you’re experiencing issues with this form or if you want to talk to us for other purpose related to Ubik Space, Art Exhibitions and many other subjects than could interest us you can send an email to:


DEADLINE: 28/02/2014
Please send us enough information, homepage link, portfolio and photos! Don’t forget a short description of what you are projecting to do. To have the best impression of the space and the possibilities of exhibition, we recommend to come there during one exhibition and have a talk with us!

We will answer all applications 2 weeks after the deadline.
Your Ubik Space team