sound:frame departure Conference, 29th March 2014

© Copyright 2014 sound:frameEstablished in 2007, the sound:frame festival deals with audiovisual forms of expression within the contexts of exhibitions and performances. Each year, intercreativity and the convergence of musicians, artists, and theoreticians from visual arts, media art, architecture, and music constitute the core of the festival’s thematic focus.

«A MATTER OF…» is the title of this year’s sound:frame festival. Placing the practice of posing questions and calling things into question front and center, it focuses on reflection processes within the development of audiovisual formats, the audiovisual artwork and its reception, and on the term “audiovisual art” itself. A matter of perspective, a matter of process, a matter of reflection, a matter of content, a matter of… this may be expanded at will. The question itself remains.

The program consists of a wide range of live performances, diskussion panels and exhibitions.

National and international experts from audiovisual art and culture, design, the art market, and creative industries discuss the festival’s theme, «A MATTER OF…», in a sound:frame departure conference. (Text source: Departure)

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sound:frame departure Conference
Date: 29th March 2014
Time: 3pm – 8pm
Location: Hotel am Brilliantengrund
Bandgasse 4, 1070 Vienna