We are a small team of five people coming from different countries: Serbia, Sweden, Austria, USA and Great Britain. At the moment the blog runs in three languages, with plans to introduce Russian and German some time in future.


  1. Bruce Gayle
    2012-05-10 @ 09:18

    I regularly use Google Translate to provide a an overview of some Swedish and Croatian posts to your Facebook Page. The rendition isn’t always completely comprehensible, but I normally get the general idea, depending on the amount of idiomatic phasing and structure of the text. The above passage translates as such:
    For now, suffice to say the five of us and that all come from different countries: Serbia, Sweden, America, England and Austria. Blog will initially be trilingual and will lead to “our way”, English and Swedish. In a later phase of the planned contributions to the Russian language and nemačkom.
    Not bad, although ‘nemačkom’ will require further investigation. As a linguist, I rather enjoy the process. I find it a pleasurable puzzle. The blog will be a good source of expansive ideas, an opportunity we don’t often find living in the United States.


    • Marina
      2012-05-10 @ 09:28

      Haha, Google translate is almost as legendary as “babel” from the Hitchhiker’s guide through the galaxy. Though I must say that this wasn’t as bad as it usually is. “Lead our way” is a hilarious translation for a term that I came up with to avoid calling the language Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, or whatever…
      I will help you solve the puzzle Bruce, just give me some time 🙂


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