Review: I’ll Be Back Tomorrow


Courtesy of SIFF

On the first night in their new house, the wife (Katie Holer) wakes up and tells her husband (Ryan Hamilton) that she had a bad dream involving their Real Estate agent Carol who revealed her a secret about the death of the previous house owner, and much, much more. Allegedly, once upon a time, the place belonged to a witch who still has some undone business with the previous owner. The witch is petty, and she doesn’t care who’s inside the house – she wants what she thinks she’s entitled to. When wife is finished retelling the dream, the husband doesn’t react as she expected him to: he is simply surprised how she knew about all of that. Yes, there was a phonecall, and yes – all of it was said, almost in those exact words.

The Summers Brothers’ short horror I’ll Be Back Tomorrow plays with safe tropes: haunted houses, nightmares coming true and noises mistaken to be coming from some unknown creature that happen to be made by housepets, just to make the victims relax. It’s a safe game, and it is played within the crisp four minutes time-frame. Short as it is, the film has all the components of a standard horror, although it wouldn’t harm to have a surprise or two. The narrative of I’ll Be Back Tomorrow is composed of easily predictable events, including its very end.

The film has already had quite an impressive festival tour before it made it to the short film competition of SIFF, where it was screened in the Phantasmagorias programme.

Country: USA
Language: English
Year: 2020
Runtime: 4′
Written/ Directed/ Produced by: Summers Brothers
Associate Producers: Chris Cox, Rookie Williams
Shot & Edited by: Summers Brothers
Sound Design: Eric Friend
Grand Scheme Productions